This story is about a YOUNG EAGLE named RUDY. As a baby in his nest Rudy is inspired to become a great Wind Dancer. But one day he falls out of his nest, hurts his wing and gets caught up with the CROWS. The crows aren't big Dreamers and try to steal Rudy's Dream. The crow's influence holds Rudy back. Rudy begins to question himself and his Dream. He tries to fit in with the crows and be like them to be accepted. He wants to belong.

Rudy becomes confused. He starts to feel like he could be a Wind Dancer, but he is not around the RIGHT MENTORS to help him to become that Wind Dancer. Only with the right information will Rudy develop confidence and belief in himself and his Dream. One day Rudy meets YUPPER, a wise old groundhog. Yupper discovers that Rudy is not a crow and could, possibly, be an eagle. Yupper begins to understand what Rudy is going through and influences Rudy in a positive way by teaching him the "YES I CAN" attitude. But, that is not enough...

At the advice of his new friend, Yupper, Rudy leaves the crows to discover his true potential. While in the woods all alone and scared one night Rudy encounters, BONES, the vulture. The Bones Character preys on fear. He finds joy and song in weak, defenseless creatures with no self confidence. That night Rudy was a prime suspect. Bones may have attacked Rudy that night if not for the interruption of a spiky little porcupine named NEEDLES!

Needles could relate to Rudy's loneliness. He too felt unaccepted and lonely. Needles had a great desire to be loved - but could get no hugs - because to hug Needles was painful!

Acting like a crow, but still having a desire to find out more about himself, Rudy flutters through the forest staying within the boundaries of the tree line. Rudy's blinded by an intense fog and mist rising from the meadow and is almost stomped to death by a herd of elk during "The Rutting Season". In the mist Rudy meets, BELLOWS, the elk. Rudy noticed a brace on Bellows' leg and felt compelled to share his Dream. Bellows, too, had a Dream and encouraged Rudy. After becoming fast friends in their journey to live their Dreams, Bellows placed "The Medallion of Courage" around Rudy's neck as a symbol of what they were yet to achieve. Rudy was inspired.

Upon his death, Bellows whispered to Rudy, "Never let your Dream die, Rudy. NEVER, NEVER QUIT!" Rudy had no choice but to pursue his Dream. He had to live his Dream not only for himself but to inspire others to live their Dreams. After all, the name Rudy means "To Inspire".

RUDY NEEDS TO FOCUS ON HIS DREAM. He has been encouraged by all his new friends and mentors. Now Rudy needs to prepare. The GOLDEN EAGLE tells Rudy what he needs to do. He tells him to prepare and never quit and the time will come when he will have the courage, faith, wisdom and knowledge to make his Dreams come true. Once again inspired, Rudy knew what he had to do!

Rudy begins to practice and practice.   He tries and fails.   He struggles.   He works hard every day.   He falls. He gets back up and tries again. He flies. HE FALLS AGAIN. HE GETS BACK UP AND TRIES AGAIN. Rudy will struggle and struggle but he will Never Quit. Throughout the story Rudy is confronted with struggle and fear; and with fear comes BONES! Only belief, self confidence and courage could conquer Bones.

The lessons Rudy learns on his journey help him to make the right choices. Rudy made the choice to be around mentors who inspire and encourage him and to stay away from those who discourage him. WHEN RUDY BEGAN TO RECEIVE THE RIGHT INFORMATION HE HAD THE COURAGE, FAITH AND WISDOM TO PURSUE HIS DREAM.

Rudy's Lesson's for Young Champions: Choices and Challenges will inspire children to make the right choices and live their Dreams.