For Elementary, Middle & High School
OPTION ONE Rudy will come to your school and do an assembly with a video presentation. After the assembly he will visit with (2) selected small groups to interact with students and teachers one on one. The small groups may include: sports teams, teachers, or a selected group of individuals who have worked hard to earn special time with Rudy. All of the activities with Rudy must take place on the school property and must be within the scheduled school day. All activities must be approved in writing by Rudy International.
OPTION TWO You may also choose to share Rudy with another school in your area. In this case Rudy will do one assembly with video presentations in each school. You have the advantage of splitting the speaking fee and travel expenses with the other school.
RUDY AWARD PROGRAM: If you are a Middle or Jr. High School, an additional benefit to the school program is that Rudy will introduce the RUDY AWARDS TM Program to your school. The Rudy Foundation will provide all program materials and selection criteria. The teacher of each participating classroom will nominate one student. One finalist from each participating school will be chosen by an approved selection committee. Each finalist will be honored and recognized for their accomplishments with a RUDY AWARDS TM Medallion and Rudy Credits (which can be applied towards educational or motivational programs or products approved by the Rudy Foundation such as: Leadership Camps, Self - Improvement Programs or Seminars, College Education, or Trade School). Finalists will also receive a RUDY AWARDS TM Program Plaque to display in their school. For details visit our website at
Contact Rudy International at 702-875-4002 for more information on our school program or The Rudy Award Program.
(Note) Suggestions for funding Rudy’s school program may include: grants obtained by your school for such services, corporate and small business sponsorships, school fundraisers, or choose option 2 and split the expenses with another school.